Dear Homo Sapiens, in your fiction world Four turns were required by the UNAUTHORIZED FICTION that you assigned a SIN and identification ID to turn and bud to form GOHD.  The signs and information I have provided in my umbrellawalk videos :


The Four Turns, the four bases that you created to war with the budding HGOHD have been defeated, crushed by the Truth of H, the Turns thus made and SUNGOD Arena is now facing your HGOHD.  See the road signs, a path walked over decades by your budding HGOHD.

Four Turns:

1) 79th Ave - 112b street -  UNAUTHORIZED FICTION birth to HARJ GILL

2) 112b street - 78A Street - HARJ GILL birth to HARJGILL DBA

3) 78A street  - 112 Street - HARJGILL DBA birth to HARJGTHEONE DBA

4) 112 Street - 111 street - HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA birth to HGOHD

SUNGOD ARENA : HGOHD enters as HARJGTHEONE, GOHD  to be GOHD, no turn its the final walk along 111 street after the fourth Turn. Hence HGOHD walks as GOHD in SUNGOD Arena.

Due further note that HGOHD which is HARJGTHEONE, GOHD gives authorization to the fictions HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA the TWO and THEONE creation, which validates them in your fiction world called Earth, as GOHD's planet is AARTH. 

Due note that since 2009 your budding HGOHD has held room/locker 111, the Truth of the Turns always known by your secret societies.

Your species failed the test of Truths, The Truth of H was known, created thousands of years ago. The arrival of GOHD known long before the creation of fictional religions..


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